Wake The Neighbors


Wake The Neighbors is a folk-rock-pop band formed in Sarasota, FL by Brooke Bonderer, Alan Davis and Josh Audet. The trio met in 2014, when Bonderer moved to Sarasota from St. Louis, MO to pursue her career in music. The two boys, raised in Sarasota, were involved with music at a young age. Bonderer grew up singing with her sisters and believes this is what drove her to follow her dream of becoming a musician. The group works tirelessly to create refreshing original music with a multi-genre sound. The birthplaces of these songs are written at parking garage rooftops looking at a 2:00 AM sky; to the sandy shores of Florida beaches. “We’re a no-shoes kind of group,” says Bonderer, speaking of the band’s youthful, energetic vibe. Their original material encompasses the “here-and-now” aspects of their lives, and they are currently working on a plan to promote and record. The group believes there is a place for “Wake The Neighbors” melodies and envision performing at as many venues as possible. “We have a great deal of material and are waiting for the next crucial step in developing our sound,” states Alan. The band is waiting patiently striving for the correct platform and production team to deliver their material to the greatest of heights. The tracks in the digital packet are recorded in a live setting. “Wake The Neighbors” songs are written and recorded with simply an acoustic guitar lead by Alan, along with box drum, tambourine led by Joshthe pulse, beat of the band and lastly, lead vocals and harmonies by Brooke Bonderer. Brooke explains,“We all share a focused goal to write meaningful music that “wakes” the individual up and encourages them to reflect and stay positive in the climb of chasing something worth fighting for– one’s dreams.” A mindset to never give up is what will carry this youthful group very far.

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Band Members

Brooke Bonderer

Alan Davis

Josh Audet

Song Submission One: It’s Time