The Sun Above


We are The Sun Above; a 5 piece progressive rock band from South West Florida. We just released a twelve track album titled “Kinetic” on July 7th. The music on this album greatly sets us apart from other up and coming Artists in our region and regions beyond. Our work ethic and dedication have gotten us this far and will continue to carry us into the future.

Band Bio

We became a band in March, 2016 with the addition of River Cutler, our vocalist. The original founding members, Tyler, Barry, and Zach have been in previous bands together but this is the perfect group for our musical goals. We released our first album in July and haven’t looked back. We have signed with our first managing agency, have shows booked for late August, and we honestly can’t wait to see where our future takes us.

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Band Members: 

River Cutler – Vocals

Tyler Tinl – Guitar

Zach Bush – Guitar

Barry Williams – Bass

Alex Ilardi – Drums

Song Submission One

Song Submission Two