Shore Dogs


ShoreDogs, a melodic rock band from Sarasota Fl playing all original music, are a group of five friends who share a love of real music made by real people playing real instruments. often described by listeners as a Party, beach rock band, these guys deliver on the promise of a great time.

The band members influences are as disparate as possible yet the blend of these influences has created an amazingly fresh sound. Singer David Mastos along with guitar players Jarrett Higgins and Mike Blunt are lifelong Sarasota residents and have played together in various band incarnations over the last 20 years, (most notably Trippin Chain & Spigot) and have developed an instinctual tightness that even the most casual listener will hear immediately. Drummer Dave-O Arseneault & Bass player Rit Thomas both found their way to Florida from Connecticut and have quickly found a groove amongst themselves that allows the band to breathe and expand with the finest of jam bands.

ShoreDogs are currently playing Showcases in the Sarasota, Bradenton & St Pete area so make sure to mark the date when they are near you & dont forget to wear your flip flops!

School to Receive Donation
Riverview High School

Why This School?
3 band members are alumni and band member’s kids currently attend.

School Contact Information

For more information about Shore Dogs visit their Facebook.

Band Members: 

David Mastos
Vocals, Guitar

Jarrett Higgins

Dave “Dave-O” Arseneault

Rit Thomas
Bass, Cookies

Mike Blunt

Song Submission One: Television

Song Submission Two: Change Your Name