Nicole Dreger


Nicole is a small town girl with a big dream. She performs a variety of genres ranging from musical theatre, to pop, to country, to jazz. Her first EP, Behind the Mask, is set to come out later this fall.

Band Bio

Nicole Dreger. Who is she? Well, as she puts it, “That all depends on the day, the wig, and the wardrobe!” She loves to sing, loves to perform, and loves to entertain others.

Nicole recently moved to the area from Roscoe, Ill., a small Midwestern town (she attended the same high school as Danica Patrick). She started her singing career in community theater and still dabbles in musicals and records covers of a multitude of genres and originals. Her first EP, Behind The Mask, is set to come out this fall. She has been a part of the Del Couch Music Education Foundation for a little over a year and is so thankful to Del for everything! She could not have gotten this far without the help and support from Del and everyone in the foundation (especially her roommate Paige Bruns!)

Nicole Dreger’s dream is to perform around the world, involving herself with a variety of projects. Becoming a voice actress for Disney productions is one of her uppermost desires to begin with, along with the ambition of entering the film industry. She has the great hope to someday operate her own production company so she can freely direct and star in her own films, maintain being a recording artist and occasionally perform on Broadway. She has specified her great desire to one day perform with some of her favorite music entertainers which include Harry Connick Jr, Michael Buble’, John Barrowman, Adam Lambert among many other stars who have shaped her love for following in the tradition of performing for the love of music and entertainment.

For more information about Nicole Dreger, visit her Website.

Band Members: 
Nicole Dreger – Singer

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