Nat Keza ft Yungn


We are all independent, local hip hop recording artists that got together to make a couple songs for the summer.

Band Bio

My name is Nat Keza (Natasha Keshmirian). I’ve been an independent artist taking my art seriously the last two years. I’ve been a writer since I was a child, and I’ve worked with bands, DJs, and other hip hop artists for fun for the last 10 years. But I decided to take my career seriously recently. My first album is on iTunes, also I have plenty of YouTube videos. Second album is coming soon. It’s a joint album between myself and another artist Yungn called Twin Flames. I’m 30 years old. Born in Connecticut, raised here in Sarasota. Lived in New York City and Miami. I love collabs and bringing people together. I hope to get our music and my music out globally. We’ve been working hard all year putting shows together, performing, registering all our music, making music videos. Thank you for the opportunity.

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Band Members: 

Nat Keza




Song Submission One

Song Submission Two