Ilana Armida


Ilana Armida is a Pop/R&B singer and performer from Bradenton. She recently released her single “Pretend,” which quickly became the feel-good song of the summer. Her music speaks to everyone, but has a fresh, young perspective. Her sound is a mix of energetic R&B melodies with catchy, soulful pop vocals and hints of funk and hip-hop throughout.

Musician Bio

This summer Bradenton’s 24-year-old pop singer Ilana Armida seemed to emerge out of nowhere when she released her debut single and music video “Pretend,” which is an upbeat song with a catchy groove that has caught on like wildfire. The song was written and recorded by Ilana in her home studio in Bradenton. The song and music video gained instant popularity with over 17,000 view in just a few short weeks with no signs of stopping. Ilana Armida is proving to be a superstar in the making. The buzz should hit fever pitch as her debut EP “Iridescent Flower Child” is released later this year. While we wait for that, you can catch her shows at local venues throughout Southwest Florida.

For more information about Ilana, visit her Website.

Band Members: 

Ilana Armedia – Vocals

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