Gary Schutt Band


Our genres are: heavy rock, power pop, catchy melodies and hooks, great grooves and killer guitar playing. We are like Van Halen/Foo Fighters/Extreme with elements of Rush and Dream Theater with Joe Satriani on guitar.

Band Bio

Gary Schutt was born and raised in Monticello, NY as a son of a professional Catskills jazz drummer. He started playing along to Bay City Roller’s records on his father’s drum kit before his feet could reach the pedals.Gary has basically been a one man solo artist since he was really young. After acquiring a cheap 4-track recorder and a slew of original tunes, he started recording & producing at age 15. He wrote, arranged and performed all of the parts himself in his parent’s basement. Initially trained as a drummer, Gary quickly picked up guitar, bass and piano, and later on he picked up singing.

Gary graduated from and taught at the prestigious Berklee College Of Music where he continued write, record, produce and perform. After establishing himself at Berklee, Gary participated in countless recitals, concerts and studio sessions. Although known as a confident guitarist on campus, Gary led a handful of recitals on vocals, played drums in a couple of shows, played bass for the popular local band IN THE PINK, and led his own original band PALISADE.

After graduating from Berklee, Gary started producing his own tapes of original music that he sold at numerous record stores around the Boston area.
Gary moved to Los Angeles in August of 1992 to join Jeff Scott Soto’s (former vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen) new band SLAM. Still continuing to write his own songs and self produce tapes, Gary began selling his tapes through mail order and his original song catalog grew close to 100 songs.

When he moved to Florida after the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Gary joined West Palm Beach cover band SIGNAL ZERO. During this time Gary and Jeff Scott Soto released a CD in Japan and Europe of all Gary Schutt tunes called “Sentimetal”. Every magazine that reviewed the 11 song CD had nothing but praise for the up and coming talent.In 1999, Gary released his second solo CD “Playthings” on the Chicago based Pulse Records label. Gary produced, wrote and performed everything on the entire album.

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Band Members: 

Gary Schutt – Lead vocalist, lead guitarist & manager.

Dan Martin – Drummer

Tracy Ferrell – Bass

Song Submission One

Song Submission Two