EveryOneRocks.com – The Straps


The Straps are a band from Sarasota. They’re part of the Rockband program at EveryOneRocks.com. They formed several weeks ago.

School to Receive Donation
Booker High School

Why This School?
Their VPA program provided a great learning experience for students interested in music.

School Contact Information
3201 North Orange Avenue Sarasota, Florida 34234

School Contact Person
Dr. Rachel Shelley

For more information about EveryOneRocks visit their Website.

Band Members: 

Nathan Epstein
Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Quinton Puleo
Guitar, Vocals

Annah Cooper
Vocals, Keyboard

Jared Stuckey
Guitar, Bass, Vocals

Devin Wade

Song Submission One: Somebody Told Me

Song Submission Two: All The Small Things