David Smash Band


David Smash Band is an up and coming group shaping the future of blues music in their own special way. David Smash is Lithuanian born and raised singer and songwriter. After an extensive experience in music performance and receiving national acclaim in Lithuania, David came to United States. Soon after successfully forming a band on American soil David Smash Band has performed at multiple music festivals, released two albums, appeared on television and competed in national music competitions. One of the more recent victories was achieved at the International Blues Challenge 2016 where David Smash Band made to semi finals. The band is playing innovative music, incorporating pure American music styles of the twentieth century and blending it David Smash’s native Slavic, Jewish, Lithuanian musical influences. With Allan Cook on saxophone, Sammy Warren on drums and Joe Bruno on upright bass David Smash Band delivers an ultimate musical explosion. David Smash Band style is winning fans nation wide, recently the group performed at one of North Carolina’s most respected live music events at 5000 ft elevation of Blue Ridge Mountains. David Smash Band is endorsed by Black Diamond Strings, Coleman Custom Pics, and is the first band in the world officially endorsed by a virtual reality camera company VSN Mobil. The latter endorsement enables the band to capture and share performances in virtual reality 360 degree format, an immersive way to capture concerts for fans around the world.

Band Bio
When I first got here I only knew two people – Steve Arvey and his friend Gary Fuller. Steve gave me few of his guitars to use for a little while and Gary, who is an incredible kazoo player, took me to almost every jam session in the area. Thanks to Gary I had a chance to play and participate in this phenomenon called a jam session. That was where I met my first band in 2012. I didn’t hold back on sharing my story with strangers I just met at these jams, they seemed like nice people. One night after jamming at Ocean Blues Club I got approached by three strange men. They said – “we heard you are looking to form a band. We would like to be your band!”. Bass player Jim Grove, drummer Dale Harris and guitarist David Lowe. That was the first version of David Smash Band in US. One of the nicest and most genuine group of musicians I’ve ever had a chance of working with. After about a year of playing together in various events and functions, Dave and Jim got a little busier with their work and families and Dale decided to retire. We still try to keep in touch.

In 2014 I started playing with bassist Joe Bruno, and I think Joe told me about saxophone player Allan Cook shortly after. I was always astounded at the level of talent that these people have. Before David Smash Band reached solidity of current consistency there have been many other players I am proud to know as musicians, friends and as members of David Smash Band family. Scott Blum, Bob Robins, James Lewis, Alex Hilton are just a few that deserve a mention.

Current band mates are Joe Bruno on bass, Alan Cook on saxophone and Sammy B. Warren the IV on drums.

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Band Members: 

Allan Cook – Saxophone

Joe Bruno – Bass

Sammy B. Warren – Drums

David Smash – Guitar, Piano, Harmonica & Vocals

Song Submission One

Song Submission Two