Alone Together


Alone Together was formed in early 2015 when the talent of singer and lyricist/playwright Sky met with Matthew Vero’s skillful songcraft. The duo’s first single, Actress, was released on July 1 of the year of their formation, followed by two more singles before the release of their debut/demo EP, Sunsets and Tears. Contrasting backgrounds of jazz and rock, combined with a shared love of classical and theater music, make Alone Together a unique listening experience whether performing with their full backing band or as a duo.

Band Bio

Alone Together is an alternative/rock band from Sarasota, Fla. The mission of Alone Together has been simple from its conception: to create a haven and a community for those who feel alone or unwanted, and empower them to face life head-on. Sky alternates raw, soul-baring moments of weakness with shameless, powerful independence in her lyrics, while Matt matches her word-for-word with his skillful composition. Each moment on stage and in the studio is met with a genuine connection between Sky, Matt and their audience. Either live or on recordings, Alone Together offers its listeners a new level of performance and composition.

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Band Members: 

Matthew Vero – Pianist

Sky – Lead vocals

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