Hymn For Her

Hymn For Her


Hymn for Her have been busy touring across the country and abroad over the past few years, injecting juiced-up backwoods country blues with a dose of desert rock psychedelia that has been described as “Hell’s Angels meets the Amish.”

They recorded their last album, Hymn for Her Presents . . . Lucy and Wayne and the Amairican Stream, in their vintage 1961 Bambi Airstream trailer at locations stretching from Philadelphia to Malibu on a three-month tour.

For their new release, Hymn for Her Presents . . . Lucy and Wayne’s Smokin Flames, due out April 23rd, the twosome kicked it into high gear. They traveled to Ghetto Recorders in Detroit to work with Jim Diamond.
They recorded live and mixed 12 original songs in just one week.

The duo certainly covers a lot of musical territory in Smokin Flames. Their wild-eyed mash-up of country, blues and punk led U.K. music critic Steve Bennett to call H4H’s sound “a riotous, rocking roadkill stew,” while others have referenced such diverse bands as Captain Beefheart, Primus, X, R.L. Burnside, JS Blues Explosion and the Ramones.

Impressively, the two create their “ripsaw sounds” (Los Angeles Times’ Randy Lewis) with only a few instruments. Wayne (with the devilish voice), mainly playing the kick-drum, high-hat, acoustic guitar and harp, serves as the group’s rhythmic driving force. Lucy (of the fallen-angel voice) delivers a gritty squall on her “Lowebow” — a custom-made cigar-box guitar: “The Riff Monster.”

Catch the two as they burn up the highway and ignite your town this year to promote Hymn for Her Presents . . . Lucy & Wayne’s Smokin Flames.
Come out and taste the heat, y’all!

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School to Receive Donation 

Waldorf Sarasota

Band Members: 

Lucy Tight
Cigar box guitar/banjo/guitar/vocals

Wayne Waxing
Kick drum/high hat/banjo/guitar/harmonica/cigar box guitar/vocals

Submission One: Fiddlestix

Submission Two: Bron-Y-Aur Stomp


The Savannah Brady Band

The Savannah Brady Band

Savannah Brady is a teenage accomplished musician from Sarasota. She is the former front person of the Jimi Gee Jr. All-Stars where she sang, played guitar, violin, and bass. Now, she fronts The Savannah Brady Band.

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School to Receive Donation 

North Port High School

Band Members: 

Savannah Brady
Guitar and Vocals

Sheree Barnes
Guitar,Bass, and Vocals

Jonny Shrader

Taylor Panico

Song Submission One: Ticket to Ride

Song Submission Two: 25 or 6 to 4


Seven Years Past

Seven Years Past


The credits and accomplishments are many yet nothing without our fans.

Seven Years Past has always been Inherently original with a powerful Live Show that has won it multiple local and national competitions and also enabled them to play with many national acts and work with many music industry heavy hitters.

The band crafts its songs with Life as the main influence. Story telling songs with powerful choruses that are easily identifiable by the Soulful singing of one of Rock’s best female vocalist Lisa Larkin, the melodic intertwining cutting edge guitars of Mark Medeiros and Brett Jones and the ground shaking rhythm and chops of drummer Allen Pryor and Bassist Stephan Rosser.

All of the band members are passionate song writers and serious about their craft. The musical Influences of the band span all genre’s, and as a result, their style of Rock contains many nuances of different styles, yet they remain identifiable as, Seven Years Past.

The group is currently remastering their latest release “Switches” which was recorded in Buffalo NY and produced by Goo Goo Dolls co-founder/bassist Robby Takac. The group was able to venture into pop a bit with the Song 24 Seven co-written by guitarist Song Writer Brent Pongetti. They were able to incorporate strings and pianos into a couple of tracks yet still hit hard on many of the songs.

Seven Years Past had their first release produced by Grammy Winning Producer Silvia Massy. Silvia has been a powerhouse in the music industry for quite a while now and worked hard to earn her well deserved reputation as one of the music industries top producers. Her credits include some of the biggest acts in music today including Tool, The Smashing Pumpkins, Prince, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Johnny Cash, Deftones, Powerman 5000 and now Seven Years Past. She even sang backups on the track “Recent Tragedy”

For more information about the Seven Years Past visit their Facebook and Website.

Band Interests

Riverview High School

Band Members: 

Lisa Larkin

Mark Medeiros
Lead Guitar-Vocals

Bret Jones

Allen Pryor III

Stephan M Rosser
Bass Guitar

Bocephus McGuilicutty
Spiritual Enlightenment

Song Submission One: Who Do You Want

Song Submission Two: Empty